Palmin Kokosfett
breakfastandotherstories hat einen Bericht erstellt
03. January 2021 um 18:05 Uhr
Amazing results with #palmin :-)
Happy new year to the amazing community! We’re sending you all our love and energy for the new year! In December we were among the lucky ones to be able to try and test the #palmin products and were so surprised about its flexibility. You can use it for almost anything you wish in the kitchen. We created some coral tuiles for the holidays and as well some sweet and savory dishes like, deconstructed truffled toast, delicious nut bars and a peanut butter chocolate cookie dip which disappeared in front of our eyes in seconds… We have no internet appearance yet but you can dm us or check our instagram feed @breakfastandotherstories for recipes. Re. #palmin - it has no coconut flavor which is just perfect for many recipes, even though we wished it to be more coconutty at some points as we love the caribbean nut flavor in everything. Thanks so much to and @die.kuechenkoenner for this amazing opportunity!!! #bylmeetspalmin #dieküchenkönner #palmin #palminkokosfett